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27 June 2008 @ 05:24 pm
Title: Morning Glow
Rating: idk PG-13, pushing R
Pairing: Allegretto/Polka
:( LMFAO i just wanted to put something in here, so the comm. didn't look so bare.

The tender glow of the morning sun is warm and happy, so very happy. The birds and the clouds surely must feel this contagious joy too for they hold a song and softness that is more beautiful than any other day's. Those birds and clouds and eight o'clock sun were all indeed quite lovely, he thinks to himself as he places another soft kiss near the girl's navel and the crimson flares on his cheeks brighten and warm as if he is touched once more by the sunlight's long, pretty rays when he hears her sweet laughter (it's more akin to a giggle), but nothing comapred to the petite maiden beneath him. Tentatively, and with good reason, he slides his hands along the outside of her thighs as he dabbles kisses along her slender hips, his lips gentle like dawn's sunbeams or a gentle rainfall in Tenuto.

"A-Allegretto," her sweet little face is not spared from the embarrassment, and the mark of her abashedness glows brightly on her pale cheeks as she looks down at him, eyed filled with uncertainty and even a tinge of fear, yet all the same soft and gentle with the shine of trust within them. She is not afraid of what is to come after the boy atop her removes the flimsy barrier between them, yet nervousness is still evident within the trembling of her thighs and, what Allegretto finds to be the cutest of all, her need to vocalize her insecurity even if she is unsure as to what she is not sure of.

He needs no words to soothe her, he knows this, but he opts to reassure her anyway simply because he adores her that much. Allegretto removes his lips from her milky skin and looks up into the girl's violet eyes. He gives her a wide, bright smile before leaning over her bare form and placing a kiss atop her forehead as he moves a hand away from Polka's hips to lace his fingers between the girl's own shaking digits.

"Trust me," is all he says, and he does not abandon that self-assured, confident smile he is always brandishing, even during the most harrowing of situations. There is a brief pause between the two where nothing but the song of tiny birds awakening to greet the day is heard from outside, before Polka returns that smile with one of her own. This is not a matter of life or death, this is not a fight taking place within a land suspended between life and dreams; even if it were, even if she only had mere minutes left to live before everything, not just her own seemingly cowardly self would disappear forever into time's unending axis as if she never existed, this boy would still be here. Allegretto would still lay gentle kisses on her forehead and smile at her.

She reaches up and caresses his cheek with her free hand as if to confirm all the truths she thought of previously to be just that, truths. He was real, as real as the scorching light of the sun and the warmth flooding her chest. "Of course," is all she can manage as she releases Allegretto's hand momentarilly only wrap her arms around his neck and hold their bodies close together. Without hesitation he returns the blonde's embrace and even tightens his hold although the proposition that what the two were previously sharing and would continue to share was a fleeting dream never even began to cross his mind. He loves Polka, he thinks with a swell of joy in his heart as he releases her from his hold and lays her back down amongst the sunbathed pillows. He adores her, and like the image of her standing amongst the flowers drenched in morning glow and smiling so, so beautifully, his feelings will not fade.