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eternal sonata fanfiction archive.

Eternal Sonata fanfiction
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〈〈 tags userinfo layout〉〉
Greetings and welcome to BAROQUECASTLE, the first community on LiveJournal dedicated to Eternal Sonata fanfiction. Here, people will be able to post and read fanfics of all lengths and genres without having to wade through various communities to get to it.

  Fanfiction of all types and genres are allowed; everything from long, epic BL novels to short and sweet het. drabbles. This community is friendly towards all pairings and all sorts of branches of fanfic; yaoi, yuri, het, drabbles, one-sentence claims, multichaptered, as long as it's fanfiction in some way, shape or form, it's allowed.
  All fanfic, however, should go behind a cut. If you don't know how to make one, LJ's FAQ is quite handy. Regardless of the fic's length, we ask that you cut it so no one is forced to look at spoilers/read something they're opposed to and the like.
  Basic posting format should be as follows:

Title: The title of your work.
Rating: Works of all ratings are accepted, as long as it is accurately labeled.
Pairings/Warnings: We ask that if the fic is rated NC17 and isn't vanilla, there be a mention of any kinks/squicks to avoid offending people.

You're free to add anything else ahead of time; those are just basic tags. As a note, fake cuts and links are also allowed, as long as the aforementioned tags stay in tact.
  If you're posting multiple drabbles or single-sentence claims, it would be nice if you put them all in one entry. Some people are OCD about their friends page and its cleanliness.
  It's not a requirement, but it would be convinient to the other readers if you could tag your entry properly. The characters and the pairing is reccomended.

  None currently. Become one?