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27 June 2008 @ 11:24 pm
Bringing an old drabble.  
This is the only Eternal Sonata ficbit I've managed to finish, so here y'all go.

Title: Wanted
Rating: Mature
Warnings/Pairings: Onesided Falsetto/Jazz, Jazz/Claves/Falsetto. Mention of threesome sex?

She's always wanted him. From the time that they were children in Andante, playing around in the caves, she had looked at Jazz with nothing but love. He had a natural charisma about him, the charm of a true leader, and she'd followed him into his rebellion without a second thought. Jazz was her best friend, her partner, and even in war they would be inseparable.

She'd been wrong. She's never anticipated his affection for Claves getting in the way. The pink-haired woman had instantly stolen Jazz's heart, thief and spy that Claves was, and Falsetto hated her all the more for it. She'd never had Claves's elegant beauty, nor the grace with which Claves fought and carried herself. Falsetto was a brash tomboy at heart.

Falsetto's stubborn demeanor had gotten her into this mess. Claves had presented her with a coy challenge, a fancy trap to lure her into their bed. Falsetto had hesitated at the bait, but Jazz had responded to her concerns with an earnest desire, and she knew that she couldn't resist him.

Jazz and Claves's bed is a far more daunting enemy than Waltz, Fugue, or Rondo. Her fists cannot save her here, nor is her dry humor any help. Claves's tongue laps playfully at her breasts, and Andantino's fiercest fistfighter is frozen with fright. Claves has her cleverly pinned down, and Jazz is kneeling on the bed behind them. His eyes are reassuring, only barely betraying his own nervousness, and that is all the encouragement Falsetto needs to react. His lips meet hers while Claves explores, and in this almost detestable situation, Falsetto is happy.

She's always wanted him, and for now, she'll take what she can get.