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21 November 2010 @ 08:49 pm
Rondo/Viola Fanfic  
Hi everyone, this is the first fanfic I've written in ages. I hope you like it anyway.

The Porn, your Majesty.

Title: Une Ronde en Mineur
Fandom: Eternal Sonata/Trusty Bell
Genre: dirty, dirty femslash, light BDSM (okay, questionable consent, but not non-con, either.)
Rating: NC-17, what else?
Pairing: Rondo/Viola
Status: Works as a one-shot, but will have a sequel

"Take that, swine!"
Viola couldn't help but shudder at the sound of that voice, as Rondo lashed out at Falsetto, one fierce Attack after the other, making the young rebel stumble backwards. No one dared to interfere, not even brave little Alegretto. They all saw that deadly efficiency and ruthlessness, and dared not so much as say a word. Rondo was indeed an elite fighter, Count Walz's best man, perfectly disguised in this slim, beautiful body. The mistress of the Spies, the Spiderqueen holding the threads of countless puppets that trembled in fear and danced to her will. And before all the others Viola had known what Rondo was. She alone saw more in her movements than the others. This duel was more than just two opponents dashing and parying. To Violas eyes alone, it was a dance.

It was the rainy season when Viola met her for the first time. It had been pouring down for hours, the Lake swelling and swallowing the shore, the meadows one big swamp in which the frogs were screaming at the top of their lungs, daring the sky for a contest of volume. Viola could hear the goats complaining. She had moved the herd to the shadow of the trees behind her house, but after hours and hours of rain even the trumpet-shaped leaves of the Cornetto-tree would no longer hold against the onslaught of heavenly tears. Viola pulled the fur closer around her body and got up to brew up a nice and hot cup of tea. She moved her clothes from the fireplace where she had hung them to dry and put the kettle on the hook above the fire. Her Skirt and overshirt were still too wet to put on. Her Hairbuns were pretty soaked, too, but she had vowed to keep to her shampooing schedule to cut expenses, and so she had decided against letting them down until tomorrow.
A knock sounded on the door.
"Yeah? Who's it?" She called. Probably the postman with yet another loveletter for her. As if she didn't know it was him writing them up by himself.
It wasn't the postman. The door creaked slightly, and a hooded figure slipped inside. "Excuse me", a calm, very feminine yet deep voice said, "I just wondered if you could provide me with a few hours of shelter..."
Viola shrugged. The wild goats on the one side and Fort Fermata on the other she scarcely had any visitors. "Sure thing." She looked over her shoulder while pouring tea leaved for two into the teapot. Internally Viola sighed in relief. Had it been the postman sh'd have probably had to put her wet clothes back on. "Didn't catch your name."
"Ah, I'm sorry..." The figure let the Cloak slide from her shoulders. "My name is Rondo."
Viola turned and did a double take. She hadn't expected someone so exceptional. The girl in front of her was about her age, maybe one ot two years older, but slightly shorter in height. A fact she compensated quite well with the heels of her overknee platemail boots. Apart from these shiny and off-setting shoewear she was clad in dark brown, rough leather. pants, overshirt, even gloves. White frills from her undershirt protruded, gold embroidered at the rims, at her neckline and wrists. Her dark red hair, shining with purple highlights was kept back in a ponytail. Whatever Viola had expected, it had certainly not been this. There was something about the way the woman's tight pants clung to her calves, wrinkling slightly at the crotch, drawing the outline of a smooth mound, that made Viola uneasy. She quickly let her gaze glide upward, quite sure that she must be blushing. It settled on the woman's chest. A pin with three slim, golden "f"s was fastened above her right breast. Unease turned into suspicion. When she met Rondo's eyes, the smaller woman was smiling.
Viola turned back to the fireplace and took the kettle off the hook. The water was boiling by now. "So you're from Forte?"
"Yes", she heard the sultry voice behind her. The metallic clanking sound of Rondo's boots on the wooden floor indicated that she was crossing the room. Viola heard her put the wet cloak over the back of the armchair. Something about the sound of the cloak was not quite right, as if something was hidden beneath it.
"What brings you here to the Agogo region, of all places?", She proceded to ask, while she poured the water over the tea leaves. A chuckle sounded behind her. "I think you know", Rondo replied, smilingly. A chair creaked as she sat down.
Violas face hardened. "Yeah. You belong to Forte Fortissimo Elite Corps, don't you?" She turned around and leant against the cupboard, Arms crossed before her chest.
Rondo just sat there, elbow on the table, her head resting on her gloved hand, a wicked glitter in her eyes. In nothing but her underwear and a sheep fur, Viola suddenly felt exposed under her gaze, but she forced herself to stay cool. "And I guess you're not here on a diplomatic mission."
Rondo leant back in her chair. "Actually...", she said, laying the tips of her fingers together, "...you're wrong."
"Oh really?" Viola made no effort to hide her surprise. She had heard about the many spies Forte was lately disseminationg all over Baroque. She never would have thought that diplomacy was within the political repertoire of count Waltz. Feeling slightly relieved if still a little uneasy, she dropped the fur from her shoulders to have both her hands free. She turned back to the teapot and took two cups from the shelf. "Sugar?", she asked over her shoulder.
"Yes please!", Rondo called back in a sweet voice, standing up. "I like sweet things", she said, stepping up beside Viola and smiling at her fromunder her purple bangs. Viola reached up to the shelf for the sugarcubes. "Two?" Rondo nodded. "So what is this diplomatic business you're here for? I thought you folks had dragons, so if you're headed to the palace, why take a detour?"
Rondo let out a rather girlish giggle. "Aaah, but Miss Viola, you've mistaken me. I'm not here to negotiate with prince Crescendo. There are far more... adequate diplomats in Forte for that." She crept closer. Viola pretended she didn't notice, but she felt her hairs stand up from the body heat the other woman radiated. "Actually...", Rondo went on in a melodic voice, "...I came here to speak to the Guardian of the forest."
Did she just feel something brush her buttocks? It must have been the wind. Viola shuddered involuntarily, hoping Rondo hadn't noticed. With a shaking hand she started pouring Rondos tea through the wooden sieve into the cup. Just as she moved the sieve towards her own cup, she felt Rondos Arm close around her.

Viola nearly dropped the sieve. "Hey! What are you-"
"Shh..." Rondo interrupted her and moved behind her, closing her arms around Violas waist. "Go on." Her gloved fingers stroked Violas flat belly.
"What are you doing?", Viola asked, her voice coming out far more insecure than she would have wished, almost a whisper. The sieve clattered against the rim of the cup. The rough leather left her bare skin even more sensitive at every little touch, and although Rondo's closeness made her feel really uneasy, she didn't find the strength to move. She was caught in this gentle embrace as if in an iron grip.
Rondo left her question unanswered. "I was wondering...", she purred, close to Violas ear, "you wouldn't happen to know this...'guardian'?"
"Yeah I..." Viola cleared her throat. "I know them, why?" trying to ignore the way Rondos Hands made her feel, she poured her own tea. What was it that Rondo was trying to pull on her? Some kind of interrogation technique? Well, she was feeling a little weak right now, but she wasn't going to be fooled into spilling any national secrets. Not that she'd know anything, anyway.
"I see", Rondo said, and let out a giggle. Then she sighed. "Wonderful..." Her hands moved to Violas sides, slinding up and down her torso. "Would you be so kind as to introduce me to... them?"
Viola exhaled loudly, her breath coming quickly now. She put down the pot and the sieve and put her hands on the rim of the sink. "Don't you want your tea?", she asked impatiently, moving to turn around an wind herself out of Rondo's grasp, but rondo suddenly tightened her grip, her hands moving up and cupping Violas firm breasts. Viola gave a little sound of surprise, losing her balance and falling back against the smaller woman. She grabbed Rondos wrists, steadying herself and trying to fight her off at the same time. "Stop it! What do you want?" Her voice was trembling with anger and anxiety. She felt Rondo's knees press into her thighs, her hips pressing her own against the cupboard, her hands pulling her back, keeping her unsteady. She had known that this woman was an elite soldier, but now she could feel it, and it filled her with fear... and something else. "Let me go!", she whispered. All she got in return was a chuckle. "But I don't want to", Rondo whispered back, and began gently massaging Violas breasts through the fabric of her bra. Viola whimpered. She felt her heart pounding in her chest, heat surging through her body and into her loins. Her hands let go of Rondos wrists and grasped the wood of the cupboard again, desperately holding on to it. Everything was swimming before her eyes.

"Good... like that", Rondo purred, slowly moving the fabric covering Violas chest upward, her hands stealing beneath it, the rough leather scraping over her nipples. Violas knees buckled, and suddenly she found herself only supported by Rondos embrace. "lean forward", she heard her say, the instruction underscored by a tug on her nipples. Then one of Rondos hands let go and roughly shoved the teacups out of the way. With a loud clatter they fell to the floor, shattered into a hundred shards. Viola saw it from the corner of her eye, halfway moving to turn and pick them up, but Rondo didn't let her, and instead pushed her forward, taking hold of her wrists and guiding them to the back rim of the sink. Violas head was spinning. Something about this... this being dominated, completely contolled, had something reassuring. The sure hands of the other woman made her want to give in, let herself go. It was so completely different from that one drunk night with the postman, up on the mountain pasture, she thought. That night at the campfire, him fondling her with inexperienced hands, her clumsily touching the surprisingly large organ in his pants, until some primal need had taken over and guided them together like two poorly matched puzzle parts, their bodies moving in time but hardly in unison.
The sound of her own moan called Viola back to reality. Rondo had moved to pinching and rubbing her nipples. With her thigh, she pushed Violas legs apart and pressed between her buttocks, against her nether regions. Viola bit her lip and pushed back. Her cheeks were burning with a mixture of embarassment and arousal. "Why... are you doing this?", she panted, closing her eyes.
Rondo let go of one of her breasts and instead stroked the hair at the nape of her neck. "I told you...", Rondo purred, "I like sweet things. And what I like, I take" The last word was accentuated by her hips pushing Viola's hard against the cupboard. Viola moaned again. Her underpants were wet already, Rondo's leather-clad thigh moving the fabric against her slick, swollen lips. Viola let her head fall forward, resting her elbows on either side of the sink. Her breath came in quick pants, hoarse and ragged. A violent shudder rippled throgh her at the next thrust of Rondo's hip. Desperate for more friction she spread her legs further and tilted her pelvis backward, raising her ass. Rondo gave a surprised sound of approval and moved the other hand from her breasts down to her right buttock, stroking it in small circles. Her left hand went back to kneading Violas breast, pulling and pinching, teasing her, and never quite letting her relax into the touch. The hand on her ass moved away for a second, soon returning without the glove. Rondo's Fingers crept under Violas underpants and down between her parted thighs, where she was pressed against Rondo's leg.

Viola gave a weak cry of surprise when a slim Finger entered her from behind. It slid in so easily, moving inside of her, pushed forward by the movement of Rondo's Leg. Viola gasped. The forte soldier was a master conductor. She felt her body responding in ways she hadn't even know were there. Her knees were shaking, Rondo's leg holding her upright. Her whole body felt different, hot from inside, a cooling film of sweat covering her legs, her trembling belly, her twitching shoulders. Her breasts felt swollen and tingly.
"Your're quite responsive, aren't you?", Rondo said, obviously amused, and slipped another finger inside.
Viola moaned and threw her head back, embarassed to be so utterly helpless in the face of the other woman's skills. The way the movement of Rondo's fingers created these wet, sloppy sounds between her legs made her blush even more. A pleased chuckle sounded from behind her, and suddenly the fingers were gone. Instead she felt herself being hauled up, the room turning in her vision. Rondo was holding her again with her arms clasped around her. "So...", she purred, "seems like you don't have a bed..."
"N..No...", Viola panted. She had a hard time finding any words at all. Rondo's hands were on her breasts again, after she had removed the second glove, and she was gently nibbling on Violas earlobe from behind. "I sleep on... the bench over there." She closed her eyes and leaned back into Rondo's body.
Rondo sighed and moved a step forward, pushing Viola to the kitchen table. "This will do, I guess". With this, she easily bend her over and pushed her upper body onto the cool, rough wooden surface of the table. Viola let out a groan at the feeling of the hard wood squeezing her breasts and pressing against her ribs. She tried to move her hands up to relieve the weight, but Rondo caught them. She guided them to the rim of the table. "Hold on tight", she instructed in a tone that made Violas stomach tingle. She complied, digging her fingernails into the underside of the table. Rondos hands moved up along her arms and to her sides, taking hold of her bra and pulling it up, leaving her sensitive, swollen breasts now pressing directly against the wood. Viola shuddered. These little details, carefully thought out to make her ever so slightly more uncomfortable, were electrifying. She was the sole object of Rondo's attention, like an instrument to be played, and she loved it. With a sigh, she moved her forehead against the cool wood, and waited for Rondo to make her next move.
Rondo didn't keep her waiting for too long. The table creaked when she sat down on it beside Violas bent over backside. Her hands were gently stroking over her underpants, straying deeper down, spreading the wetness of the soaked fabric until Viola felt her whole cleft and even the inner sides of her buttocks wet with her own juices. Her heart was fluttering in her chest, her breath deep and controlled. Every now and then a sigh escaped her lips. Rondo's tender touch had relaxed her so much that she couldn't hold back the cry that worked its way up from her throat when Rondo let a hand wander beneath the underpants and began stroking her, slowly moving her fingers all the way to the front, brushing her clit, then back again, her thumb gently tracing the wrinkles of her anus. Working her hand back and forth, she gradually moved the underwear off Violas hips, until they dropped down to her ankles.

"spread your legs", Viola heard her whisper, as if from far away. With a sigh she did as she was told, stretching the thin woolen panties between her ankles. The fingers stroked her with more pressure now, dipping between her nether lips, a thumb added betimes to pull and massage at the swollen inner folds, opening her like a flower. Every breath was accompanied by a whimper now, as one shudder chased the next, raking through her body, making her twitch and tremble on the table. Violas fingers clenched and unclenched on the wood, fingernails scratching the underside of the table as Rondo started rubbing her clit with a finger on each side. No direct friction, just a teasing touch, meant to drive her crazy. She was hot and sweaty, her whole body tingling with desire. "Please!", she breathed between moans, throwing her head back, gasping for air. She wasn't really sure what she was pleading for, but certainly those teasing fingers would make her feel some kind of fulfillment if Rondo would already put them back inside. Rondo merely laughed. "No", she said, "you're not ready yet." Teasingly, she let her fingertips circle the wet entrance, probing slightly, but never pushing inside.

Viola groaned in frustration, and wriggled her ass, trying to push against those vicious fingertips. For that, she earned a punishing smack on her most sensitive spot. She jumped, a cry of surprise and a little pain escaping her lips. Her pussy burned where Rondo had hit her, feeling even more hot and swollen than before. She shuddered as the first wave of pain was followed by a far more pleasurable sensation. This definintely wasn't what she was supposed to feel upon being smacked there. Rondos fingers gently brushed over the sore flesh. "I said 'no'", she all but whispered. Viola shivered under her touch, involuntarily moving against it. Another giggle. "This doesn't seem to have been much of a punishment, does it?" Viola held her breath, mortified, but finally shook her head. "Do it again", she heard herself whisper, face buried against the table in shame. Rondo promptly complied to her wish, smacking her again, just as hard as the first time. Viola cried out, her hips twitching, her knees involuntarily coming together to shield the sensitive region between her thighs. It felt incredible. Viola panted, trying to catch her breath, whimpering as she felt Rondo's boot wirking it's way up between her legs, gently prying them apart again. From the corner of her eye she saw Rondo slip off the table to stand behind her. Rondos hands stroked her inner thighs, steadying them again, before another hard smack met Violas hot flesh with a wet sound, the thick fluid spraying against her legs. Violas whole body tensed and she cried out again. She felt her Nipples being dragged over the wood of the table. White sparks were dancing in her vision. She bit her lip as the pain subsided again, raising her ass for more.

Instead of a painful smack though, this time she felt something wet and tepid touching her skin, soothing the soreness. Rondo was licking her, planting little kisses on her wet, hot pussy, playfully breathing air on it. Viola began squirming again. The fingers were back, finding her clit once more, circling it.
"I like the view...", Rondo's breath tickled Violas inner thighs. "We'll explore that little preference of yours some other time. For now...", she dragged two fingers through between Violas nether lips, "...look at how wet you are." She sounded pleased. Viola felt embarassed, being subject to this kind of inspection, and hid her face against the table.
"I said look", Rodo commanded. Her hand tangled in Violas hair and pulled, making her turn her head to the side. Viola gave in and looked at the glistening wet digits, smelled her own musky scent. With clouded eyes, her breath coming quickly, she looked up at Rondo, who was smirking, pleased. "suck them", she commanded almost gently, still smiling, and pushed the fingers against Violas lips. Viola didn't resist, but slightly opened her mouth, welcoming Rondo's fingers with her tongue, tasting herself on them. Her eyes fell closed as she began to suck them, working her tongue up and down. When Rondo's other hand went on touching her between her legs, stroking through the blond patch of pubic hair, spreading the wetness there, Viola moaned and sucked even harder. Rondo rewarded her with another finger to suck on, and then another, shoving her hand deeper until Viola felt it tickling the back of her throat, only the thumb left outside to caress her lips. Her clit was being tesed again, while she could feel a thumb probing at her anus. The sensations where overwhelming. Rondo's fingers seemed to be everywhere at the same time. A sob worked its way up from violas chest when Rondo pullled the hand out of her mouth. She was beyond turned on. Her heart was racing and her legs trembling.

"I think you're ready now", Rondo observed and removed her hand from where it was driving Viola crazy. Viola heard her move back behind her. She forced herself to stay still and awaited Rondo's next move. When Rondo finally slipped two fingers into her, she cried out in pleasure, throwing her head back, her muscles clenching around the intruders. Another finger joined them slick and soft like the other two from Viola's saliva, stretching her, slowly beginning to move in and out. Viola bit her lip to stifle her moans. Rondo pulled them further out and seemed to push them even deeper at every stroke, making wet, sucking noises, and Viola could feel herself grow even wetter, the fluid slowly running along her throbbing nether lips, even dripping down. Soon she could no longer repress the moans. Rondo's fingers fucked her, picking up speed now, knuckles slamming against her flesh. Her insides felt as if they were on fire. It seemed that her whole lover body consisted of nothing but these inner walls that these fingers were rubbing, sore and burning, and craving more at the same time, itching for friction, for more to fill her tight passage, to stretch her to the maximum. One of her hands let go of the table and went up to her mouth, and she bit her knuckles, muffling her cries. When Rondo said something, she at first didn't even hear it, until Rondo slammed her fingers into her once more, keeping them there and hoisting her whole lower body up with them, making her stand up on her toes. "Do you listen?", her voice again close to Violas ear. Violas eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at the woman so easily dominating her. The fingers inside her wriggled a little, hitting something inside of her that almost hurt. She whimpered, pleadingly looking up at Rondo's dark eyes. She felt the hand she had been biting on being captured again, once more guided back to the rim of the table. A sob escaped her.

"Can you take one more?", Rondo asked calmly. Viola trembled as she felt Rondo's pinky finger press against her entrance. Her muscles tightened, more fluid running out between Rondo's fingers. She felt her body crave more, but this was too much already. Whimpering she shook her head. Rondo looked at her, searching her expression, and finally nodded, pulling her fingers out a bit. "I think you can."
Violas eyes flew open as the fourth finger entered her, Rondo's hand pressing inside, stretching her further and further, until her knuckles were through, sliding in so easily it brought tears to her eyes. She felt utterly taken, her soul itself laid bare and open to that woman who she had only met today. Then Rondo moved her hand again, and Violas mind shut down. Incoherent cries and moans echoed in the small cottage, and she knew they were her own, but her mouth, her throat, everything had faded into a darkness, and all that was left of her were her nipples scraping over the wooden table, her throbbing insides being so relentlessly opened and taken, and that little hidden place where her nether lips met, where she craved the slightest touch to finally find relief. Again and again Rondo's fingers hit that spot inside her that made her hips jerk against the touch, made her cry out from a feeling so intense she couldn't say if it was painful or good, and when Rondo finally put her other hand between her legs, stroking her clit, she came. Her muscles clamped down on Rondo's fingers again and again, her juices gushing out and running down her legs, and with every wave she screamed, tears flowing from her eyes, as Rondo kept prolonging it, twisting and turning her hand while thrusting it inside. Violas voice was hoarse when the fingers finally slowed, after what seemed like an eternity. She was panting, dizzy, bright dots and red flashes dancing before her eyes, a nubmness spreading through her whole body. Once more she felt something wet, now cooling her flesh, as Rondo pulled out her fingers, more fluid coming out with them, and then these hands, the ones that had so sweetly tortured her all this time, began stroking her back, soothing, calming her down, relaxing her body that still trembled from the echoes of overwhelming pleasure.
Viola sighed, drowsy, slowly slipping away. A humming sounded in her ears, a sweet lullaby. Then darkness embraced her.

Not much time had passed when she woke again, and still the rain was pounding on the roof of the cottage. She was warm, tucked under her sheep fur on the padded bench, her body feeling pleasingly exhausted.
"Did you rest well?", a sweet voice purred from above her head, and she felt a hand stroke her side. A little startled she realized that her head was resting on someones lap. When she looked up, the events of the afternoon came back to her, and she blushed deeply, averting Rondo's gaze, but never moving from where she was resting against her warm body. Rondo wordlessly picked up the cup that had been sitting on the table, taking a sip. It was the cup Salsa would use whenever she came over, the one with a little smiling orange flower on it. In one of the frames on the window board was a photo of them, Salsa, March and her, taken shortly after the twins' inauguration as the new guardians, both of them drinking from the teacups Viola had bought for the occasion.

Rondo seemed to have followed her gaze. "So that little redhead is the guardian of the forest", she said, matter of factly. Viola's heart stopped for a second. She had agreed to introducing the woman from Forte to the guardian, but she hadn't had time to make up her mind if she could be trusted, and after what had happened Viola doubted more than ever that Rondo was just a harmless diplomat. "What gives you the idea?", she asked, not sure if Rondo could be fooled by her mediocre acting skills. An amused chuckle came from the other woman. "You told me so yourself.", she said.
Viola stared up at her, shocked. "A...I did?", she whispered.
"Yes", Rondo stated, a vicious smile playing around her lips. "A few minutes ago, when you were half asleep." she took another sip, then looked at the cup. "I asked if I could use this one, and you told me the guardian of the forest probably wouldn't mind me using her cup..."
Viola lay there, looking at Rondo in disbelieve. Then she tore her gaze away from that dark, satisfied expression, and got up. Her knees were weak, but she managed to stand. Winding the fur around her waist to cover herself, she left Rondo sitting there and went outside, closing the door behind her. Then she fell back against it and clasped one hand over her mouth.
So this was it. The price to turn her into a spy. It didn't matter that this time it had been a relatively trivial information she had let slip. Her sticky thighs, the soreness between her legs, and the way her heartrate accellerated at the thought of it, all this made her realize that she would never again be able to deny Rondo anything. She had handed her the key and let herself be played, had enabled the other woman to reenact her harmonies whenever she desired. Viola shuddered at the thought.

A light knock sounded from the inside of the door. "Come back inside", a gentle voice said. Viola inhaled deeply and let the air out in a long, shuddering breath. Then she opened the door and stepped back inside.