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15 August 2008 @ 07:20 am
[fic] Appassionata  
Title: Appassionata
Author: timmesque
Summary: She was the one who blazed. I was the one who stayed in the rain.
Pairing: Claves + Falsetto

Even now, Claves thought, you are burning.

She trails her fingers down the spine of the book in contemplation. Jazz and Falsetto were out today and she was guarding the house for any intruders. Which was pointless, since she would know if there were any Forte soldiers coming here. After all, she would be the one keeping the door ajar for them to rush in.

She slammed the book on the table, her right arm around her body like a sling. She didn't want to think of these things today, on her day off. Jazz told her she was to rest since she looked unhealthy. Falsetto gave her a dark look and nodded her assent. It was odd, seeing Falsetto, bright, vibrant, loud Falsetto to be so quiet and subdued. And those blue eyes that used to be filled with light and shine were darkening in her presence.

Perhaps Falsetto knew.

But if she did, why did she not say anything?

Burning, burning, burning Falsetto, so full of rage, so spiteful, so hurtful, so easy to dim.

She was the one who blazed.

And I
, Claves thought, was the quiet one in the rain, waiting for rainbows.

She bit her lip and waited for them to return. The sun was out and the world became one without sound to Claves. And she couldn't bear being alone. She closed her eyes and dreamed.


"She fell asleep Jazz," Falsetto snorted, half-tempted to kick her, "Stupid girl."

Jazz chuckled, "Now Falsetto, she still did her duty. Let her rest."

"Fine," Falsetto said and Jazz left. Falsetto bent down to survey Claves, her eyes flickering. Did Claves always seem this transparent? Falsetto sighed and pushed Claves' hair from her face and whispered, "Don't you dare give us up okay? I'll never forgive you if you give us up!"

Claves murmured in the dark and Falsetto smiled. Claves would stay and nothing will change. Falsetto will keep that status quo. No matter what.

Let me burn this world while you keep it green.

Comments are always appreciated.
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Sage of Winds: Happysagesoren on August 29th, 2008 05:07 pm (UTC)
Ooh, pretty. Your wording and your metaphors were really nice. I felt that this moved along quite smoothly. It sounds almost poetic. Interesting pairing, too. Never seen that one before. :9
Daphne in the wood: [Trusty bell] what's this?bromantic on August 30th, 2008 09:02 am (UTC)
For a game like Eternal Sonata, I like exploring different dynamics. And Falsetto and Claves had an odd but tense relationship.