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10 August 2008 @ 04:26 pm
heaven can wait;  
Title: Feeding the Fire in Me
Rating: R, nearly NC-17.
Pairings/Warnings: FuguexRondo. It doesn't go into any real dirty detail, but elaborates the feverish moment. [Note; It is unfinished. I doubt I will ever finish it. But I'm extremely proud of what I have written since I'm a generally bad writer, and would love to let the community check out what I at least had. :)]

{Feeding the Fire in Me;;}

His lips pressed heavily against hers, their tongues swirling in a sloppy hurricane around each other, both trying to prove their dominance. Often did their “arguments” have to do with who could better the other, and the feuds would always end violently – and passionately. A burning hate, heated anger; shoving, pushing, gasping together, chests heaving with tumultuous respiration, hands grasping to take hold of the other, and scars left behind to claim him hers. She didn’t think too much of the heated passion that spur and spilt between them. It was, more or less, an outlet for anger and to rid them of the sexual burden they carried that would dare threaten their missions. With a single, voiceless moan, she slumped back onto the soft sheets beneath them. He made his own sound of protest, angry with himself for not finishing fast enough to end the “argument” with her. His hands rested on either side of her head, beads of sweat sliding down his cheek from his forehead, his back and arms glittering with sweat.


Rondo released a heavy sigh in hopes he would know she was completely exhausted, and wanted him off of her now. Fugue ignored her as he almost always did; taking his sweet time to get what little energy he had left in him to thud down beside her. The summers in Forte were almost as unbearable as they were in the Hanon Hills and Chorus Plains, the palace hardly an exception to the heat that bore down on the roof. She felt some inkling of remorse for the fainted guards; having to wear all that armor and waltz around the city and palace? She could hardly imagine it.


Fugue had fallen fast asleep as he always had after their altercations, the purple-haired assassin sitting up, locks pouring over her shoulders and her hand whisking upward to brush the plastered strands back from her forehead and cheeks. Rondo and Fugue had simply enjoyed what they’d discovered in each other, but the “love making” was always committed with anger and a burning desire to prove who was best in bed. They needn’t even use words to make it happen. All it took was a wave of the dagger, a clank against his sword, and a sudden movement to accidentally brush against each other. She never expected someone like him to be so interested in doing it as often as they had time to, although she partly didn’t care much for it. Rondo figured it didn’t mean much to any of them, and she was happy to get the sexual frustration and distraction out of the way.


Rondo slipped out of the deep, wine-red sheets quietly, although she knew she couldn’t wake him for the world right now. She was careful to slip on her tights and skirt, buttoning and tying her shirt, buckling and putting her armor in-place without making the slightest of sounds. She picked up a wooden brush he had sitting on a dresser, a smirk forming over her lips to see he had some decent hygiene habits. Rondo slipped the brush through her hair, staring at her fatigued expression in the mirror in front of her, tying it up and slipping the purple flowers back into the tie. She would never admit it to anyone – not even herself. They were <i>beautiful</i>. The roses adorned in her hair, the ones that Fugue had said added a lovely and different touch to her. She would never admit that she wore them for him now
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jetfabulous on August 11th, 2008 06:54 pm (UTC)
I tried to make it seem like she had some kinda inkling of emotion, and what a big deal it was that she was even sleeping with him.

Thanks for the compliment!

(I wonder who she's wearing those for~ Huhu~)
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jetfabulous on August 11th, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
I'm sure Rondo would also punch his lights out and he'd curse her name to the heavens. xD
Oh, they are such a fun couple!